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The league continues to do all it can short of accomplishment rid of helmets to prevent players from using the hat as a weapon. That's about 94 projected flags over a week schedule. The NFL could be banking on players caring more for their safety than for drawing a penalty. The NFL has turned its health and safety updates into a mantra. So, I don't know even what that definition looks like.

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NFL Evolution

Although the NFL did not publicly divulge those deliberations or accept any proposal about the additional rule until Tuesday. Nearly half 47 percent of all concussions included some self-reporting component after being flagged by team doctors and independent neurological specialists. The problem for men like Fisher is that teaching proper method is harder these days along with the increased need to keep the best players healthy particularly in the salary cap age and recent limits to custom. But the Jets withdrew it before a vote, knowing it would not pass. Can a person really fix the problem? Although the way they stated the rule how you have en route for first line him up, after that you have to lower your head and deliver a bash -- it's understandable. Would ejections be mandatory, or based on severity of the hit? Analysis photos The league also altered some other regulations, such at the same time as eliminating the "Tuck Rule" , a call made in celebrated by Oakland and New England in a playoff game after that banning defensive teams from congestion and possibly injuring offensive linemen on field goal and point-after plays. The NFL is trying to avoid concussions at altogether costs, so this rule bidding make it illegal for players to use their helmets at the same time as weapons. League leaders said Tuesday the rule resulted from studies showing that the lowering of the head while delivering a hit is associated with a higher risk of injury. Florida State QB EJ Manuel has solid pro day — on his birthday ] But the helmet rule was the subject of lengthy and healthy argue and even featured hysterical reaction by some who think this is the latest sign so as to the NFL is going softer than the lingerie league. We are trying to protect the runner or the tackler as of himself in that instance.

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Applies to any player anywhere on the field. An infraction would result in a yard consequence. It will result in a yard penalty and the actor may also be disqualified. But, they also introduced a additional rule to eliminate head-to-head hits, which the NFL said allow been on the rise all the rage recent years. Sadly, the real problem these days is so as to Fisher and his fellow coaches are hamstrung when it comes to teaching the proper way for players to hit all other. They said they expect penalties to be relatively infrequent and ejections to be extremely rare. The Vikings took a knee. This means anytime a runner breaks into the ajar field and braces himself en route for take on a tackler, the runner can no longer advance with his head. Clarity expected by May meeting.

Video: Stephen A. and Max react to NFL's rule change for helmet-to-helmet hits


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