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A few equipment and tools that were removed from the factory before the bombing raids were returned. The Zechstein salt-bearing deposits are subdivided stratigraphically into five chain in ascending order: One day later the production of the fertilizer ammonium sulfate begins. Another disadvantage was the location of the factory in a closely populated residential area and a decreasing acceptance of the pollution caused by the factory. Erstwhile planned projects include residential after that office buildings, retail space after that an urban park. The potassium deposits are of the sulfate type and contain more than 20 sulfate and chloride potassium and potassium-magnesium minerals. Paleozoiskie solenosnye formatsii mira.

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The Stassfurt Basin covers an area of 1—1. Therefore, we allow commanded you to come en route for the aforesaid place, with altogether your men well armed after that prepared, on the fifteenth calendar day before the Kalends of July, that is, seven days before the festival of St. Apparatus was sold to other factories, in for example Poland after that Brazil. The Stassfurt stratum is the largest, occupying an area of at least 80, sq km. Employment fell from employees in to inwith the industrial unit only producing sodium carbonate, calcium chloride and phosphate for beast feed. There are eight such deposits in the Werra after that Northeastern German depressions, five of which are exploited by the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany. All the rage the company employed more than workers. The thickness of the salt-bearing deposits reaches 1,— m. Ultimately this plan was not implemented.

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On his recommendation the company began to produce magnesium sulfate all the rage order to reduce the losses. Company revenue in was 7. This fertilizer was based on Thomas slag, named after Sidney Gilchrist Thomas. Kieserite-containing sylvinite hartsalz , mixed potassium-magnesium salts, after that carnallite rocks are the chief products. In the Düngerfabrik C. The salt-bearing deposits also carry on beneath the North Sea. Vorster, who had owned a compound factory before, contributed 15, Thaler and Grüneberg contributed 5, Thaler. The K2O content in the salts mined is 10—18 percent. Tell a friend about us , add a link en route for this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free amusement content. In the company engaged more than workers. From en route for production of potassium nitrate increased from metric tons short tons to 2, metric tons 2, short tons.

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